This video is the very beginning of my dissertation for M96MC Media Research. It relates to Social Media, people and their changing behaviour. I wish to focus my research on one particular social media platform i.e. Twitter.

According to the company, as on June 2015 there were 316 M active users of Twitter on a monthly basis with an average of 500 M tweets daily (Twitter, 2015). During the course of the research I will look into the various demographics of Twitter users and try and understand how it affects our behaviour on a regular social front.

The reason I’ve chosen this topic is because I believe that Social Media is the ‘now and now’ of our generation (Lenhart 2015). It has slowly become a need for every individual, every celebrity, every company to have a Twitter account and advertise themselves in a perfect light (Davies 2014)

What is it about the 140-character-limit that drives people to share their inner most thoughts? Why is there a sudden need for every individual to showcase their ‘best self’ on Twitter? There is now a perpetual desire to want to brag about yourself – specially if there is a larger audience i.e. more followers.

So through the first edit of my CW4 Digital Diary, I plan on researching these areas.



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