After a thorough understanding of the different kinds of activism, our group has selected Womens Rights Activism as our topic for our further coursework.

Through time and space, women have been important advocates for social justice in one form or another. Their experiences, motivations and desire for gender equality is the reason we, as a group, have selected Women’s Rights Activism as our topic. In every country women’s rights activists need to stand up and protest for equality and fairness.

Our group comprises of four different nationalities i.e. Cameroon, China, India and Nigeria. In all four countries women’s rights activists fight for similar reasons such as voting access, fair treatment in the workplace, reproductive and sexual freedom; yet at the same time certain issues arise in a stronger fashion in certain countries. For example, a woman is treated cruelly if found to be part of the LGBT community in Nigeria. In India womens rape cases have reportedly increased to an astounding 900% over 40 years. Female foeticide is also an ongoing concern.

Our aim through this study, is to understand how womens activists function in our respective countries. No doubt it will be challenging to be able to understand the working cycle of some of these organisations from thousands of miles away. But we plan to do so by being a part of these communities as strongly as possible.



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