This week for Material Cultures we visited the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and the Birmingham Bullring. Our task was to find objects that we can associate with our own object and to create a digital exhibition of the images of the respective objects found.

Task 1: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


Inference: A ballerina gleefully dancing. To me it signifies freedom.


Inference: A group of men applying butter on a sheep’s coat to prevent it from getting parasites. I see a sense of care and mentorship.


Inference: Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. They symbolise transformation and transcendence.


Inference: A wonderful cabinet consisting of multiple drawers with the top half in the shape of a house – shows homeliness; whereas the bottom half signifies a kind of secrecy.

Task 2: Birmingham Bullring


Inference: The name of the brand ‘Faith’ and the usage of pastel colours which to me evoke openness and relaxation.


Inference: A group of mannequins clicking ‘selfies’ to me signifies a self-reflexive approach, which is necessary in order to understand one’s own object.


Inference: A greeting card showing a Cat Support Group because in my own object (the diary) my friends and colleagues have written goodbyes which shows support.


Inference: From the outside there is no way of knowing what the contents of these boxes could be; I believe a diary is somewhat similar.



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