James Bond. 26 movies. 12 male actors. 53 years.

For almost half a century James Bond has dominated our lives with his glamorous lifestyle, distinct beverage choice and philandering personality. “All men want to be him; all women want to be with him”. From Barry Nelson in 1954 to Daniel Craig in 2012 – the actors have continued to maintain the aura of oomph and charisma that surrounds this fascinating fictional character.

Other than his outlandish singularity what makes James Bond stand out is his unparalleled will power. He may not have The Hulk’s strength, The Flash’s speed or Iron Man’s Jarvis (or should I say Vision) but what he has is determination. When James Bond sets his mind to a mission you can be rest assured it’s going to be done. Will power, determination, agility – three strong qualities found in every James Bond character; three strong qualities that are clearly not gender specific. So why has James Bond been idolised as an alpha male all these years? Why not a woman?

I believe it is time to stir – nay shake – things up in this scenario. Now more than ever we need a female James Bond. As a society we are so innately terrified of strong women that we persistently try and annihilate the idea by replacing them with princesses, prostitutes or sociopaths. A woman character may challenge conventional masculinity and the audiences’ perceptions of sexuality and gender. Feminising the role would add new depths to the character which can be very interesting to watch for Bond fanatics. Moreover, the franchise need not change since James as a name is perfectly acceptable for a woman as well.

We are ready for Jane Bond. We are ready for James Bond.


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